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  1. 00:00 Before you begin, you'll need a mold to cast the bricks.
  2. 00:04 You can buy one or make it with some wood and nails.
  3. 00:08 You'll also need to gather some plastic trash. It doesn't need to be clean.
  4. 00:13 Cut the plastic into strips using a pair of scissors.
  5. 00:18 Fill a bucket with one part cement, one part water and three parts sand.
  6. 00:24 Add the plastic to the mix. Judge the amount using your common sense.
  7. 00:29 Dump the mix into the molds and leave it some days to dry in the shade.
  8. 00:34 Unmold the bricks. Once you have enough, you can make something out of them.
  9. 00:40 For example, you can make a table by using the bricks as legs and casting the top in a different mold.