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  1. 00:00 To make a pot out of a bottle, you'll need a bottle, a knife and some scissors.
  2. 00:05 First, use the knife to cut the top of the bottle.
  3. 00:10 Second, use the scissors to cut thin strips from the top of the bottle downwards.
  4. 00:16 Cut all around the bottle.
  5. 00:19 Third, make a small cut on the side of each strip.
  6. 00:24 Be careful not to cut all the way.
  7. 00:27 Fourth, weave the strips using the cuts to secure them.
  8. 00:32 Go all the way round.
  9. 00:34 Fifth, heat a screwdriver or some other piece of metal.
  10. 00:39 Use it to poke some holes.
  11. 00:42 Now fill your pot with earth and plants.